Our Mission of “Literacy for All”

The San Diego Council on Literacy (SDCOL) has a mission and it impacts you and every human being at some level. Literacy binds us together as contributing members of society, as professionals, as employers, as mothers and fathers, and as human beings.

Our mission is to unite the community to support literacy
through advocacy, partnerships, resources, and coordination. 

How we will achieve our mission? 
Through our ongoing vision as we produce a coordinated countywide literacy effort that is data-driven, identifies needs, increases awareness, inspires advocacy, results in partnerships, secures resources, and generates service outcomes that are measurable, impactful, and lasting. We coordinate countywide, regional, citywide, and community-based campaigns to enhance the availability and quality of literacy services.

Our Daily Objectives

  • Documenting the state of literacy in the San Diego region.
  • Documenting outcomes from services provided by SDCOL Affiliated Literacy Programs.
  • Instilling the importance of literacy in the region.
  • Increasing impact of services through city or community-scaled coordinated efforts.
  • Filling services gaps via initiatives and support to SDCOL Affiliated Literacy Programs.
  • Generating resources and raising funds that support local literacy priorities.

Our Newsletter: Voices of Literacy

Voice of Literacy is the newsletter developed and distributed by the San Diego Council on Literacy. The newsletter contains information about literacy programs in San Diego County, literacy issues, literacy events around the county, and inspiring personal stories from literacy students and others.