Why Donate?

What is a recipe for success with regards to literacy? You are the important ingredient to the San Diego Council on Literacy’s success. Without you, the vision of “literacy for all” is simply a faraway dream.

When you donate to literacy, you join a community of parents, teachers, academics, entrepreneurs, sons, daughters, and every kind of individual imaginable who dream of a world where the only limits to learning, thinking, and innovating are self-imposed. No others barriers exist. But a world like this requires programs to train and teach, people to read and share, and donors who give and support. Every ingredient is critical.

Where do your donation go?

Funds donated to the SDCOL go to continue the organization’s work to unite the community to support literacy through advocacy, partnerships, resources, and coordination. Funds raised provide:

  • Books for children
  • Supplies and materials for literacy programs
  • Marketing to enhance access to services
  • Referral services for literacy services recipients and volunteers
  • Coordination of literacy campaigns in high-need communities
  • Professional development for tutors, teachers, staff
  • Marketing to promote volunteer opportunities
  • Enhancement of healthcare communications through literacy
  • A more literate San Diego Region!

Now let’s just say that we are successful in the not-too-distant future. Can you imagine city where every adult can read, speak, and learn at an appropriate pace and level? A place where children have access to books, mentors, and are able to overcome disadvantaged socioeconomic situations to develop a love of learning and reading at an early age? Where every learner is supported and aware of literacy programs they can access reasonably? A world where the accepted measurement of success – whether economic, professional or personal – is the ability to learn and grow?

Yes, we can. 

That’s why the team at the San Diego Council on Literacy does what we do, day in and day out. Our vision is “literacy for all”, and we need your help to make this dream a reality. Please donate today and become our literacy champion!