Meet the SDCOL Board of Directors


Idara Inwek-Ogunsaju 
The Antorge Group

Carrie Scott 
Vice Chair
Carlsbad City Library 

Doug Wright
Mission Federal Credit Union

Frank Wofford
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Board Members
Erika Bird
Allsaid & Dunn

Valerie Brown
Kaiser Permanente

Kristie Bruce-Lane
The Thumbprint Project Foundation

James Canning
Office of County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher

Mary Colacicco
Bente Hansen & Associates

Leah Gualtieri
San Diego College of Continuing Education

Denise O’Neal
Adult Learner Representative

Rachael Orose
Chair, Audit Committee
Words Alive

Janice Reynoso
Mundo Gardens

Kristin Shea-Thiel
Chair, Affiliated Programs
Chair, Nominating Committee
The Children’s Initiative

Lucas Woodward
Chair, Marketing Committee
Goodwin Brown Gross & Lovelace