11 Ways to Support Literacy in the San Diego Region

46% of third graders in the San Diego Unified School District do not meet the standard for language arts (reading/writing).  20-25% of adults in San Diego County read prose at the lowest level of literacy (grade level equivalent of 0-4). We need your help to achieve our vision of Literacy for All! Here are 11 things you can do today, to support the local literacy effort. 

  1. Volunteer to be a tutor for a child or adult.
  2. Read to children at schools, libraries, and other community locations.
  3. Read to seniors who may be alone or have vision loss.
  4. Read to your children. Ask them to read to you.
  5. Dedicate one-hour (or ½ hour) every day to family reading.
  6. Create incentives for older siblings to read to younger siblings.
  7. Donate to a literacy program.
  8. Build a Little Free Library in your neighborhood. Restock a Little Free Library near you.
  9. Donate new or like-new books for children in low-income communities.
  10. Donate to the San Diego Council on Literacy.
  11. Subscribe to The San Diego Union-Tribune for less than $5 a month! When you purchase this exclusive subscription package, $13 is donated to the local literacy effort. Subscribe here



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