Little Free Library

An already standing Little Library built by Melanie Mashburn and Pablo Sanchez-Lopez.

We are grateful to the County of San Diego and Supervisor Nora Vargas for new funding being provided towards more Little Free Library stand-ups in the San Diego region. Funding in the amount of $20,000 was recently approved to purchase 40 new Little Free Library sites.

Little libraries are mailbox like structures put up in communities to create neighborhood book exchanges where people can freely borrow or leave books for others to read. They can be found all around San Diego County.

“Residents can borrow books as they like and return them afterward in an honor-based system,” said District One Supervisor, Nora Vargas.

With the Board’s vote approval, the San Diego County Library will work with the San Diego Council on Literacy, nonprofits like the national Little Free Library, and volunteer groups to increase the number of little libraries and put books in them.

“The reality is there are vast disparities,” Vargas said. “Many children don’t have access to age-appropriate books at home, which causes them to fall behind. This initiative is going to address disparities seen in disadvantaged communities by promoting and encouraging reading from home and by creating more access to literature.”

(Some content for this article was quoted from the County of San Diego News Center)

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