Mission: To unite the community to support literacy through advocacy, partnerships, resources, and coordination

Vision: The San Diego Council on Literacy produces a coordinated countywide literacy effort that is data-driven, identifies needs, increases awareness, inspires advocacy, results in partnerships, secures resources, and generates service outcomes that are measureable, impactful, and lasting. It coordinates campaigns that are countywide, regional, city-wide, and communities-based to enhance the availability and quality of literacy services in the region.


  1. Documenting the state of literacy in the San Diego region
  2. Documenting outcomes from services provided by the Affiliated Literacy Programs
  3. Instilling the importance of literacy in the region
  4. Increasing impact of services through city or community-scaled coordinated efforts
  5. Filling services gaps via initiatives and support to the Affiliated Literacy Programs

Generating resources and raising funds that support local literacy priorities