Regions that Read.

rtreadslogoA role of the San Diego Council on Literacy is to be an advocate for greater literacy in the region. The SDCOL’s Public Policy Committee provides focus to this role. Here are the priorities of the SDCOL Public Policy Committee as they relate to Regions That Read:

  • Create formal partnerships with the 18 mayors in the County of San Diego by securing a signed agreement from every mayor in the region to support the work of the SDCOL at all levels.
  • Have mayors designate a liaison from each city so that there is greater connectivity between the literacy coalition, mayors, cities, and their resources.
  • Monitor the SDCOL’s plan to use the Data/Metrics Committee and SDCOL staff to package literacy information for every city in the region. This information will help every mayor make presentations about the state of literacy in his/ her city and advocate for a call to action.

The mayor endorsements also result in support for the SDCOL’s Literacy Infusion Projects, especially as mayors can provide encouragement to city departments and other entities to come together around the vision for a literacy rich community.

The SDCOL’s formal agreement with mayors and cities reads as follows:

  • My city and I endorse the Region That Reads campaign as coordinated by the San Diego Council on Literacy.
  • I agree to have my city listed on the Region That Reads roster as posted on the San Diego Council on Literacy website.
  • I will designate a liaison to represent me and the interest of the community I represent.       My representative will be my communication link to the San Diego Council on Literacy
  • I agree to consider participating in media opportunities for Region That Reads in an effort to heighten awareness about literacy issues in my community

Last year, the SDCOL gained the signed endorsement of all 18 mayors. Now that some mayors have moved on and new ones have taken their place, the SDCOL will work to bring the active number of mayor endorsements back to 18.

Roster of (18) Region That Reads Cities (2015)


Chula Vista


Del Mar

El Cajon



Imperial Beach

La Mesa

Lemon Grove

National City



San Diego

San Marcos


Solana Beach