What We Do.

What the SDCOL Does/Literacy Coalition Roles

  • Increase resources for literacy and target investments for the greatest impact (development)
  • Expand access to literacy services throughout the community (awareness)
  • Provide coordination to assure the most efficient and effective services (partnerships)
  • Spread best practices throughout an integrated system of lifelong learning (professional development)
  • Ensure accountability to achieve high instruction and program management (data/metrics)
  • Engage the leadership of the community at its highest levels to build lasting solutions (advocacy)
  • Keep literacy visible as a top priority in the community (awareness/advocacy)

San Diego Council on Literacy activities

  • Working with the network of Affiliated Literacy Program partners to enhance the availability and quality of literacy services in the region
  • Developing resources to meet the priorities of the collective Affiliated Literacy Program partners
  • Distributing technology, supplies, books for children games, materials, supplies, and more to the Affiliated Literacy Program partners
  • Securing professional development resources for local literacy programs via expert presentations and conferences
  • Consulting on/Researching/Providing technical services for educators, professionals, volunteers, and businesses
  • Providing support to new and emerging literacy service programs
  • Supporting the collection of learner progress data and service demographics
  • Engaging in literacy promotions via the media, e-blasts, social marketing, events, presentations and testimonials
  • Engaging in event presentations to attract new audiences that contribute to literacy solutions
  • Providing referral & information services for students, volunteers, and the general public
  • Compiling and disseminating literacy statistics for public use
  • Assisting literacy programs through volunteer recruitment
  • Providing tutor training services