Program Profile of the Month: Words Alive!

*Note:  This narrative is based upon a San Diego Council on Literacy virtual visit to Words Alive, via Zoom!

This past June Vichittra Chaleune M.A., Read Aloud Program Manager, Words Alive, gave the San Diego Council on Literacy a tour of the “Novel Ideas: Words Alive’s Interactive Online Gallery of Student Voices”.  

This exciting project features artists Jennifer Frost Moreno and Natalie Godinez.  The main goal of the gallery is to be interactive with a focus on literacy, art, and activism. Robyn Grand, Volunteer Coordinator, shares that the, “Novel Ideas and QuaranTEEN projects give students an opportunity and a platform to share their experiences in their own voices during this critical period.”

Three exhibits are featured:  

  • Kids Reading to Kids:  Kids can participate in this read aloud activity from around the globe by submitting videos of themselves reading a book to a virtual audience.  Kids are able to share their love of reading and practice their own reading skills.  
  • Covid Diaries by QuaranTEENS:  The Covid Diaries helps teens write their own history.  One quote from a journal written by a 9th grade student reads, “My biggest aspiration for myself is just to be a good human. One who really lives and is truly themselves. One who looks their fears in the eyes and doesn’t give them a second thought.” 
  • Art & Lit:  The Future is Us, Listening to our Hearts:  Every year Words Alive hosts a physical art gallery that is a response to literature. This year the gallery is virtual.  Artists, activists, and educators are involved in this showcase of reflection on literature read by the participants. Students talk about what activism means to them and why their messages are important.  During this art and literacy experience students learn about being a change agent. 

What Words Alive wants people to know about its program…

Words Alive is a non-profit reading advocacy organization that opens opportunities for life success by inspiring a commitment to reading. The agency brings words alive! Words Alive accomplishes this by creating and supporting the following: Targeted programs for underserved communities; Community learning forums; Community-wide reading projects; Model reading programs; and Networks for communicating about reading. 

How can people get involved and support the program?

Become a volunteer!  There are a variety of roles and projects available at Words Alive.  Training occurs on a weekly basis. To learn more click here: 

Donations are always welcome!  Donate here: 


Contacts and Links:

Words Alive

5111 Santa Fe St # 219

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 274-9673

(858) 274-9675 fax

Early & Community Literacy Programs Manager: Robyn Grand



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